A southern belle?!  Although I am from the south, Mississippi to be exact, I'm far from that.  For those who may be wondering, yes style exists in the south. I am a free spirit, red head chick that aspires to inspire style and empowerment through fashion.  I am a celebrity fashion stylist and owner of the Born Freely fashion blog. Art, colors, shapes, basically anything that can bring abstract objects to life is fashion to me. I love it. My life revolves around it and I wouldn't say I have a certain style because my style changes about as much as my hair lol. I feel women and men should dress like their personalities and use it to be creative. Why limit yourself to being trendy and just like the next person because we all have a look that we want to let loose in. So be free, be stylish, be powerful, be Born Freely. 

Born Freely shows you how to incorporate style and fashion to create a look that's uniquely you.  Born Freely is all about motivating, uplifting, listening to your thoughts and bringing those ideas to life.

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