Sarah Neely


Sarah Neely

As we know it is only 21 days away until Christmas, which of course is my favorite time of the year.  I love the smell of food cooking, fire place heating the house, family and friends laughing and reminiscing, kids opening presents, decorating the Christmas tree, and family photos just to name a few.  I really love the meaning behind Christmas and how much God has blessed my family and I.  I love giving and seeing my daughter wake up to see Santa gave her everything on her Christmas list.  I love how my parents have a Christmas party every year and get to see everyone enjoy each other presence.  I just love everything about this holiday.  I usually ask for clothes, shoes, and gift cards for Christmas, but this year I am requesting for books and decorations for my apartment.  I am redecorating my apartment to represent my style and sense of fashion.  I am changing my living room completely by getting my sectional reupholstered, adding more photos and quotes to my walls, doing a DIY projects to my coffee table (which I will post before and after pictures later), adding new window drapes, and adding my fashion books which I have been eyeing for a long time.  I am also redecorating my room.  My furniture is already black, so I am adding more white and silver to make it more elegant and chic.  I added to my Christmas wish list a tall silver or white mirror, a cute wardrobe rack, black and white throw, and more pics.  I hope to receive everything on my wish list.  Wish me luck everyone!!!

1.  The Impossible Collection of Fashion HERE

2.  Tom Ford HERE

3.  Chanel HERE

4.  The Big Book of Chic HERE

5.  Fashion 150 Years HERE

6.  Kate Moss-No Color HERE

7.  Style Book II Pattern and Print HERE

8.  #GirlBoss HERE

9. Style A to Zoe The Art of Fashion, Beauty, Everything Glamour HERE

10.  The Little Dictionary of Fashion HERE

11.  Alexa Chung HERE

12.  Tom Boy Style HERE

1.  Ikea Songe HERE

2.  Vargyllen HERE

3.  IKEA Turbo Clothes rack HERE

4.  IKEA Knarsta HERE

5.  IKEA Eivor HERE

6.  IKEA Mongstad HERE

7.  IKEA Tejn HERE

8.  IKEA Nils Stool HERE

9.  IKEA Britten Nummer HERE