"Welcome to My Jungle"

Never have anything to wear? Bored of your look? Want to save money? 

Maximizing the options of  your wardrobe starts with what you already have.  Lets take this dress, which is actually a kimono for example – with the oversize fit it was perfect (for me) to style as a dress, paired with Tony Bianco's boots, and a wide belt, simple enough.  That’s one outfit.  Another variation of this same article of clothing is I can pair my kimono with some kind of bottom, graphic tee, and a statement necklace. There you have it, another outfit! When you begin incorporating different garments and other items, you can then create even more looks surrounding one item, a kimono.

Just remember maximizing does require some creativity, and if creativity and a vision is what you lack, I am going to provide you a few tips:

1.  Become a "Repeat Offender".  Don't be afraid to wear certain items more than once.  I have a white button down blouse that I wear quite frequently.  I rotate bottoms and change out jewelry and shoes.  Doing this allows me to stretch and maximize my wardrobe to the limit.  I love it!

2.  Create a Uniform for the week.  This is another part of being a "repeat offender".  Creating a uniform for the work week is a very practical way to maximize your wardrobe.  Create a few looks that you can wear and restyle Monday - Friday and the question "what to wear?" will be a lot easier to answer when getting dressed in the morning.  Think blazer, blouse, and skirt or dress and jacket... then mix and match!

3.  Switch up your jewelry. Changing your jewelry is one of the simplest ways to maximize your wardrobe. Take a little black dress (LBD) for example – imagine how many ways you can style it if you do something as simple as change the jewelry. Pearls can make the dress classic and chic, while tribal inspired jewelry gives the dress a more fun and trendy edge.

4. Purchase the basics. Wardrobe basics or essentials, like a chic trench coat, a black tailored blazer, a white button down shirt, and a classic pair of blue denim bottoms are perfect items to help stretch your wardrobe. Key pieces like this can be rotated throughout your wardrobe over and over again, and they can also be transitioned from season to season.

5.  Re-purpose items. If you’ve invested in pant or skirt suits for work, think outside the box. Instead of constantly wearing the same 2 pieces together, break it up and wear them as separates. Wear the skirt with a clean and crisp style top for a classic and professional look and the blazer with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans for a more "casual Friday" variation. Maximizing your options will allow you to stretch life of your favorite items, save some money, and give your wardrobe more life.

6.  Be open minded.  Acquire an open mind about your style and be excited about all the wonderful styling possibilities that are in your closet! Play around with different pairings. This blouse with this skirt, this jacket with this pair of jeans, this dress with this cardigan, etc. The options really are endless.

Try these simple steps and I guarantee you’ll start to see how you can experience a total wardrobe makeover  without breaking the bank.  

KIMONO: (Old, Missguided) Similar HERE

BOOTS: (Alicia, Tony Bianco) HERE

BAG: (Thrifted)

Hair: Ashlei Purple Rae HERE