Sarah Neely

Christmas Red: Tis the Season for Sexy

Sarah Neely
Christmas Red:  Tis the Season for Sexy

Tis the season for red (no green) :) And what's a wardrobe without some color and texture.

Your sexy should never be put on pause due to the changing of the seasons.  Warmth is a priority, but that doesn't mean that you can't still keep it sexy and by sexy, I don't mean flaunting everything.  Unleash your sexy in a tasteful way.  Those skirts and dresses you wearing in spring and summer? You can absolutely still wear them now.  You can easily transform those pieces into fall and winter new looks through layering.  You can add layers to your look to keep warm or as I did in my look, reveal just the right amount of skin in my upper areas.  In this particular look, aside from the obvious layering, I made it a point of paying attention to balance and proportions.  This is especially important when styling long line garments; such as, long line lightweight jackets, bold blazers, leather jackets, or fun fur shawls.  This look truly epitomizes my definition of sexiness, no matter the weather.

Stylist Tip:  If you decide to layer, never hide your shape or shorten your frame because every single detail counts.  So ladies, stay hot!  Keep your sexy in rain, sleet, hail or snow.

TOP: (Asos, Lingerie) HERE
SKIRT: (Asos, Old)
SHOES:  (River Island) HERE
CLUTCH:  (TJ Maxx, Old)
HAIR:  (Purple Rae) HERE