Sarah Neely


Sarah Neely

Hello Everyone!  I am of course still waiting for my car keys to arrive in the mail.  So since I have so much time on my hand, what does a girl do? Hmmm, no I didn't shop, I actually reorganized one of my closets in my apartment.  That was a like an intense workout without a personal trainer.  I found things I forgot I purchased which is a good thing because I came up with a lot of different creations.  Once I tackled that mission, I decided to sit and have a talk with my five year old daughter.  I can say this now, kids are amazing and they say the darnest things.  So of course my daughter spent the weekend with my sister.  We had to play catch up and talk about her weekend.  This is how the conversation went:

Me:  Pig what did you do at sister's house this weekend?
Pig:  Mama we didn't do anything, but play and sleep.
Me:  So you didn't eat?
Pig:  Really ma, really, you know I ate, why ask such thing.
Me:  I asked because I'm your mama and I want to know if you are taken care of.
Pig:  Mama lets talk about something else. Geesh!

My little girl is growing up on me and I am not ready for this.  So after our conversation, my sister came by and she loaned her car so I can go grocery shopping.  Yes no matter where I go I have to represent my brand Born Freely.  So of course I dressed up.  I decided to wear rust and pink, which are two colors that are big this season. To add texture to the look, I added my H&M blouse in which I purchased a few months ago.  My favorite piece I love the most about this look is the DIY sleeveless trench coat I made that I purchased from a local thrift store.  You know how you been looking for a particular item and it is extremely pricey, but you run across and inexpensive piece in which you can recreate the exact item.  This was the feeling I got when I came across the pink trench coat in the store.  I decided to cut the sleeves to recreate the sleeveless coat.  To complete the look, I added the green fringe heels (this is one of the biggest trends this season) which is also a little representation of my personality because it added character to this look. 

TOP:  (H&M, Sold Out)
JACKET:  (Thrifted, DIY) Similar HERE
SHORTS:  (Forever21, old)
HEELS:  (Just Fab, Sold Out)
BAG:  (Asos, Old)