Sarah Neely

Fashion Essentials: How To Accessorize A Little Black Dress

Sarah Neely
Fashion Essentials: How To Accessorize A Little Black Dress

An essential element in every girl's wardrobe is a simple black dress.  The little black dress is a staple for women across the globe and it provides such a fantastic blank canvas for creativity.  There is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to how to accessorize a black dress.  You can style it up or down depending on your: mood, budget and the seasonal trends.  You can also mix it up with different colors, patterns, textures, and shiny baubles to take your dress from boring black to casual, fancy, sexy, and beyond.  Below are just  a few timeless and trend-based tips on how to accessorize a black dress:


When it doubt, keep it simple. If you are unsure of how to dress for a particular occasion then stick to the basics. Throw on your favorite accessory.  Be it a great scarf, a funky broach, or classic pearls. Bold colors, metallics, and bright prints are great for adding impact and visual interest to your look. The type of accessories you choose may also be based upon the style of your dress. A more basic dress may call for more interesting accessories, whereas a dress with more detailed design can practically stand on its own and  may only need only the basics.


To break up the monochromatic palette of an LBD (little black dress), layer generously! Start with a vest, cardigan, or jacket, then add jewelry and accessories to create even more depth and interest. In my look, I opt for a black fur vest and thigh boots to add definition and personality to my look. This look was both chic and comfortable. 


The little black dress almost always benefits from the addition of a great belt. It breaks up the dress and contours your midsection to create an hourglass shape.  Depending on your style of dress, a belt could act to add shape or simply as an adornment. A simple tan leather belt is great for cinching in a shift dress, while a metallic or jeweled belt would be great for accessorizing a cocktail dress. Which looks great on nearly everyone!  For my look, I opt for a black skinny belt with gold button to accentuate my waist since the fur vest was a bit oversized. This added the illusion of a cinched waistline to my figure and to also bring the look out more. 


Nothing livens up a black dress more than a splash of colour. A colored clutch, some costume jewellery, and even adding a slick of brightly colored lipstick are a few ways to brighten up your basic black dress.


Get a little moody and give your LBD a street style edge. This look is great for giving a pretty party dress an edgy twist.  Pair it with a leather biker jacket, ankle boots, and a chain-link handbag. Layer on some necklaces, and voila you have toughened up the soft edges of your everyday LBD. 


Make your LBD suitable for everyday wear by teaming it with a knit cardigan or oversized blazer. If you are looking for how to accessorize a black dress in this way, look for accessories that create a relaxed vibe by teaming it with a large canvas tote bag, ballet flats or loafers, and a printed scarf for a casual chic look. 


Since black dresses can be quite plain, add a bit of texture with a pair of patterned or printed tights. Lace styles are a popular choice, as well as polka dot or heart prints tights. When looking at how to accessorize a black dress this way, make sure to keep the rest of your accessories fairly simple. 

When you are looking at how to accessorize your black dress, it’s important to keep the style of dress in mind. Simple shift style dresses are better for day wear, while lace and form fitting dresses might be more suitable for night. What are your best tips on how to accessorize a little black dress?

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