Sarah Neely

How to Wear Fur this Holiday Season?

Sarah Neely
How to Wear Fur this Holiday Season?

It's fall and winter is around the corner so of course we want to look amazing in this cold weather.  Now is the season for comfy knitted sweaters, lots of cozy layers and some of the most luxurious, elegant winter accessories one can dream of.  I'm talking fur.  Burrrr!!!  It's just like Cruelle de Ville said, "I Line for fur, I worship fur.  After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn't?"

Fur tends to be a controversial and sensitive subject for some, and reasonably so.  I usually stick to a well-executed faux-fur alternative.  Therefore, despite your moral beliefs regarding this material, it's worth keeping in mind that there is always a way to sport and flaunt it whilst still being able to sleep st night.

Personally, wearing fur always makes me feel like winter royalty or an extravagant celebrity or movie star.  And lucky for all of us who happen to feel that way, fur is revealing itself fashionable in so many different manifestations this winter.  So let's have a look at 3 different ways you can rock the trend this winter:


When I think of fur hats, I envision a large, deliciously furry, Russian-style hat.  One that you would wear out skiing on a glamorous winter vacation.  Nevertheless, you do not necessarily have to be on vscstioj or be an evil diva to don a glamorous fur hat these days.  Instead, you could choose to wear a lumberjack-inspired hat of fur, a traditional hunter's hat, or perhaps some furry earmuffs.  Whatever it may be, you can bet that it's going to look fabulous whilst keeping your head and ears extra warm.


One of the best fur trends has been fur coats.  The fur coat seems to float in and out of style throughout the years; so much that it's sometimes difficult to tell whether it's "in" or "out".  However, I remain overwhelmingly convinced that fur coats never truly go out of style.  One always feels like a "Very Important Person" when wearing one, but if it's too much for you (or if your tastes tend to be more subtle), then you can opt for a fur trimmed hood instead.  You can not deny it though, whether worn big and baggy or tailored and accented with a fabulous belt, fur coats scream swag.


Just like fur coats, over the years fur vests seem to flow in and out of winter fashion trends.  But as of right now, they're back in full swing!  Throw one over any casual outfit to give it that distinctly winter-accessorize look that we all love. 

Furs are big this season, so if you decide to rock it, west with confidence and style.