Sarah Neely

"A Girl, A Shoe, But No Prince"

Sarah Neely
"A Girl, A Shoe, But No Prince"
"Give the girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." -Marilyn Monroe

Each season there seems to be a footwear trend that captures the fashion pack; we've had thigh boots (which are actually still going strong) and it seems like every fashionista is always on board for it. This season it's the perplex and patent heels. 

These see through creations or our 21st Century Cinderella glass slipper have certainly raised eyebrows with unique appearance but more so given every female in the world a reason to jump up and down like a little girl because these heels are what Barbie is to 5 year olds. 

The most amazing thing about the Perspex heels is their personality, they are for the career driven, the free spirit, the wild, the quiet, the brainiac and even the unexpected.  The heels used to be the disco dancing heels in the 70's but now it's the trendiest of the trends. 

They are an acquired taste but they can be worn with so many different looks. For example mini dresses, maxi dresses, over-sized blazers, high waisted denims, and this list goes on and on. For my look I wanted to do a more grunge look, so I wore a printed dress and leather jacket to give a more street style look. These Perspex heels can indeed elevate a woman's height but also her confidence, with these show stoppers anything is possible. 

Are you considering buying a pair of Perspex heels this season?

Leather Jacket:  Thrifted

DRESS:  River Island (Old)

BAG:   It’s Fashion Metro

HEELS:  Ego Official (HERE)