Sarah Neely

"Born Freely's Styling Contest"

Sarah Neely
"Born Freely's Styling Contest"

A month ago I held a contest on social media and the prizes included a free styling consultation, a feature on my blog and a free Born Freely's t-shirt. The winner was the beautiful Jasmine Colvin who is the owner of J Stylez Boutique and owner of "Undiscovered" magazine. 

This was an amazing project. She was very cooperative and also open to new ideas.  For her look, we used pieces that are sold at her boutique.  The dashiki is a big trend this year so of course we incorporated that into her look.

Jasmine resides in a different state so we have to do the consultation and interview via email. So let's get know Jasmine. 

Born Freely:  How did you hear about the contest?

Jasmine Colvin:  From social media and I shared it every chance I got lol

Born Freely:  What were you doing when you found out you won?

Jasmine Colvin:   I believe I was at work and I couldn't stop smiling because I usually don't win contests.

Born Freely:  So I see you have a boutique, what made you get into fashion?

Jasmine Colvin:  I just wanted to do something different for the city and also wanted to know more about styling.

Born Freely:  How long has your boutique been open?

Jasmine Colvin:  Jstylez has been open for a little over a year

Born Freely:  You have a hair salon also?

Jasmine Colvin:  No, I do not but I have worked in one before.

Born Freely:  Do you do hair?

Jasmine Colvin:  Yes, I do it in my spare time.

Born Freely:  What made you come up with the name J Stylez Boutique?

Jasmine Colvin:  Uhhh I literally just took my first initial of my first name and chose Stylez with a Z because I thought it made the name stand out lol

Born Freely:  Where do you see your brand in the next 10 years?

Jasmine Colvin:  I see business booming and me atleast having multiple buildings, employees, and most of all loyal customers.

Born Freely:  Where are you from?

Jasmine Colvin: Birmingham Al

Born Freely:   Who inspire you?

Jasmine Colvin:  My mom inspires me as far as being dedicated and hardworking . My idle is Rasheeda , whom I would really love to meet because her style is so unique and she seems like a very outgoing person.

Born Freely:  Describe your personal style?

Jasmine Colvin:  I would say I'm kind of simple but I love dressing up or wearing tennis shoes here and there.

Born Freely:  What are your favorite stores to shop?

Jasmine Colvin: My favorite stores has to be wet seal, Ross, forever 21, and rue 21.

Born Freely:  If you are in a room filled with entrepreneurs, how will you stand out?

Jasmine Colvin:  I'd say my smile and positivity helps me stand out as well as my dedication.

Born Freely:  Describe how a typical day is for you?

Jasmine Colvin:   Busy, Busy, Busy lol

Born Freely: You have a magazine also called "Undiscovered, correct?

Jasmine Colvin:  Yes, I do

Born Freely:  Tell me more about your magazine?  How did you start it and why?

Jasmine Colvin:  Well, Undiscovered Magazine was fully released on May 28, 2016. I started the magazine because I wanted to help other business minded individuals get their brand out there. My main focus is to be the advertisement source in hope for that individual to be found by someone that wants to know more about what they do and also to help them grow their brand.

Born Freely:  If you could give anything what will it be?

Jasmine Colvin:  I love to give and I really wish I could build the perfect mansion for families in need that is filled with loving people to mentor, serve, help them get on their feet, etc.

Born Freely:  What can you not live without?

Jasmine Colvin:  My phone lol

Born Freely:  What is next for you and your business? 

Jasmine Colvin:  How can your audience reach you?  My next release will be for my magazine Undiscovered Volume 2, which I am currently accepting ads and articles for. Also be on the look out for new clothing and shoes. I can be contacted ,, or (850) 341-2409

Stay Tuned for future contests and don’t forget to Shop with J Stylez Boutique and book amazing photographer Taylor Made Photography

Photographed by Taylor Made Photography

Photographed by Taylor Made Photography

Photographed by Taylor Made Photography

Photographed by Taylor Made Photography

Photographed by Taylor Made Photography

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