Sarah Neely

"He Asked For Nudes...I Sent Nudes"

Sarah Neely
"He Asked For Nudes...I Sent Nudes"

We all know black can go with just about anything, but why go dark for the summer season?  That’s why everyone is going nude..the color that is! lol

It is about 1000 different shades of nudes, before you start undressing yourself and marching out among other human beings in your birthday suit, you may want to read this again.  It’s the browns, beiges, cream shades and everything between. 

An all nude-brown, beige look is the definition of understated elegance or it can be boho chic style, depending of course on how you wear it. 

Beige shades look clean, fresh, refined and luxurious.  The mix of all nude colors holds certain femininity to it and a classy minimalism with tones of glamour or bohemian vibes. 

To me these colors have a certain grown up quality to them, especially when worn with bold lips, stiletto heels, and nice looking accessories.  As pictured above, today was super hot trust me the duster came off very fast. I do not see how people wear a full face of makeup every day.  Omg!  I was about to die from a heat injury.  Overall the look was really cool.  I wore taupe crop top and taupe leggings with taupe heels to create the illusion of different shades of nudes.  I actually liked how the look turned out and I feel like any woman can rock this entire look. 

If you are going to go nude all over, wear separates in slightly different textures and complimentary tones of nude so it does not look to monochromatic or washed out. 

Lighter and medium tones of nude together create an interesting color progression that keeps a look fresh and exciting.

Are you rocking nude’s this summer?

TOP:  (Old, Boutique)

LEGGINGS:  (Sold Out, Forever21)

DUSTER:  (Thrift Store)

HEELS:  (Sold Out, It’s Fashion Metro)

BAG:  (TJ Maxx)

CHOKER:  (Aldo Shoes) HERE