Sarah Neely

First Thing First Get That 2017 Wardrobe Sorted

Sarah Neely
First Thing First Get That 2017 Wardrobe Sorted

Ok guys get ready for some serious organizing porn.  Of course we all want the Carrie Bradshaw closetbut hey lets utilize what we are blessed with.  I live in a 2 bedroom with a study townhouse, and I love it, but the space is very small.  I try to think of this as a positive thing because it pretty much forces me to reduce clutter and be choosy about what we let into my home.  

One area I have always felt like I could improve is my master closet.  There’s only one, and it isn’t the largest thing ever.  It has the typical builder grade single shelf and rail combo, and I knew there had to be a better way of organizing a closet than that, so I set out to upgrade it!  

It was time for some major closet organization.  Out with the old and in with the new?  I just love a good closet clean out

I storage closet first because it was the messiest.  I have piles of bag of clothes and shoes so the messiness was frustrating me.  So I started pulling clothes out of each bag and sorting through each one. 

Anything I didn’t love or that was too small went in a pile for Goodwill or to family.  This was a
start of 2 large garbage sacks full. 

I finished sorting and started putting things back.  Instead of putting things back in my master closet I decided to turn my study room into a wardrobe room, makeup room and mini office.  It also had a nice closet space to store extra clothes.  It was so nice to have space for everything!  I hung all of my clothes color coordinating each.  In my study or wardrobe room, I have 3 built in racks on the wall with colors nude and white.  It looks so nice but unfortunately I have to add more details before I take a picture.  Sorry guys.

Inside the closet I hung prints and as well as solids on the single rack.  I will be adding more racks
soon for additional storage space.  

In the master bedroom closet I added more clothes on the single rack as well.  In my hallway, I added
a roller clothes rack to add nice printed and vibrant pieces not only for storage but also decorations. I’m a fashion stylist so I always incorporate my art into my home décor.  

I will be adding more shoe shelves to my closet, I have 8 shoe shelves I used in my wardrobe room to make it look extremely nice and not only for storage.  Pics are coming soon. 

I will be placing all of my accessories such as belts and scarves into small bins in a built in compartment to add storage also.  Not only that I will be organizing my jewelry and handbags to make it look really nice and detailed.  

Everything is coming together but my first thing to do was organize my clothes.  I found out I have a lot of clothes, so I’m disciplining myself for the next 6 months I will not do any shopping for clothes.  The majority of my wardrobe has not been worn and it’s time to put my clothes to use.  Look out for feature blog posts.

Below are a few tips and tricks for closet organization:

1.         Start pulling everything out of the closet and hold each item to decide if it’s something you truly love/use. This tip truly works.  Ask yourself also will I wear this again?  Will I wear it more then once?  Can I fit it?  How long have I had this item?  Answer those questions and it will help you eliminate clutter. Trust your first instinct and if you know you don’t love it , toss it in the Goodwill pile and don’t look back! Trust me, you will not miss it.

2.       When putting clothes back, hang them in sections.  For example,  dresses, pants, skirts, tshirts, , blouses, blazers, jackets, etc.  I also organize by color also because it just makes it look good.  Don’t set up a system that will be too hard and unrealistic to maintain, but do fine a way to group things so that they will be easy for you to find and keep organize. 

3.      Think about how your closet is going to be used and customize everything to make it easier for you.  We all change and grow.  Organized systems only work when you customize them for your current needs.  Don’t ever be afraid to switch things up and use old items in a new way that works better!


4.       Invest in smart closet storage.  Consider buying or building built-in drawers  or shelves.  Hanging organizers, baskets, tie and belt racks, etc also make closet organization easy.  These things cost a bit up front, but they can help you stay organized for years and also keep you from buying things you can always wear as an alternative.  Invest in your sanity!

I hope this was helpful to you and helps you start organizing your wardrobe so we can spend less and wear more of what we already have.  Let’s get rid of clutter.  Tell me about your closet below.