Sarah Neely

Binge On Basics..Still Eat Bread

Sarah Neely
Binge On Basics..Still Eat Bread

You don’t need a ton of clothes to look great everyday.  In fact, organizing your clothes into items you’ll actually wear will save you time, stress and money.  

You’ll save time:  Chances are that every morning you spend too much time deciding your

You’ll save money:  Even if you buy only costly pieces, you’ll find yourself saving money
because you will buy less often and spontaneously.

You’ll gain confidence:  You will never have to worry again in the middle of the day whether you dressed nicely or not since your clothes will be chosen one by one, based on what is flattering your body.

Below are basic rules or guidelines to follow to build your minimalistic wardrobe:

You should buy only what you really love:  This is the “Golden” rule to fashion.  I really mean this.  Do not ever buy something just because it is nice, or you like it, or it looks ok on other people.  Only spend money only on stuff you fall in love with.  I am talking about the one’s you cannot imagine your life (I mean outfit) without.  

You should always choose quality over quantity:  Yes we are all guilty of buying the $5
t-shirt we randomly found at the thrift store or market, but when it comes to basic pieces that you will want to keep for years, it is better to choose the best you can find.  Save that $5.

You should go for flattering and not “in fashion” items.  The core foundation of a
minimalist wardrobe is exactly that the pieces are neutral, more or less
monochromatic.  If you mix them all up you will still look pretty amazing and most importantly sustainable.  Remember, it is way better to invest in things you look confident wearing and buy fancy accessories and jewelry to spice up your outfits and feel trendy at the same time.   

I have always struggled with giving away my clothes.  Maybe because as a stylist I feel like I can
wear this look down the line with something else I buy or maybe I will not find this item ever again.  As I was looking at my closet I realized I have too many things that I will never wear and too many of the same items.  So when I did my closet organization I decided to get rid of a lot of things.

Below are ways to help you figure out your wardrobe.  

Your essential items are basics:  neutral, subtle, versatile pieces that pair well with anything.  You want them to balance out your statement pieces rather than detract from it

You are wondering what is great about them?  Well you can easily dress them up with
accessories, you use them to transition from day to night very quickly, they make traveling simple, and people will not notice you wearing the same thing over and over again (unless you are my nosey sister who calls me out on wearing the same black t-shirt two days in a row).

Now you are wondering how can I make my basics last longer?  You will end up wearing your basics a lot more than your other clothes, they will soon start looking worse to wear after washing too many times.  

I used to be the girl who washed my clothes after only wearing them once, but now I have realized that you do not need to wash them unless there is a stain or they smell a bit too obviously.  I recommend looking for basics that are little looser around the pit area because they  are less likely to get stinky.  

If you are going to spend money on clothes, I honestly recommend spending it on basics.  You will appreciate having a high quality $25 black t shirt rather a $2 shirt from Forever21 because it’s going to last you so much longer.  Basics will never go out of style, which means you won’t regret investing in them.  

When it comes to essentials below are a list:


1.         At least 3 basic short sleeve tshirts.  (black, white and grey) They are the  most
versatile piece of them all. Tuck it to a skirt, throw on a blazer, and maybe even sleep in it.

2.      At least 3 basic tanks.  (black, white and grey) It makes a somewhat see-through blouse totally wearable.

3.      At least 3 basic long sleeve shirts.  (black, white and black and white stripes) You can easily layer these.  


You need at least 3 styles, a white button down, a wrap blouse and basic printed blouse.  The great thing with blouses is you can wear them to the office or pair them with some jeans for a casual look. I feel like everyone should be obligated to own a chambray shirt.


You need at least 3 different styles.  Round neck, crew neck, and u-neck.  I like lightweight sweaters that can be worn on chilly summer nights, but work well for layering under a coat in the winter too.

Little Black Dress

Yes the essential of all dresses in your wardrobe.  You should have 3 different
styles, boho, tank and skater.  Not saying you will need all 3 but some form of a black dress will get you through a million and one occasions.


Yes the dress me up and down look.  You will need at least 3 different styles which are classic, long, and waterfall.  You can look instantly put together with a blazer


Yes the go to look for any occasion.  You will need at least 3 different styles skinny, ankle and boyfriend.  Does anyone not own a pair of jeans? Invest in a pair that make your bum look fab. If you work in an office, ankle pants are a great alternative to super-serious slacks.


Yes the most important piece is the skirt.  You should at least the skater, 
pencil, or a-line.  Choose one that works for your body. My booty does not agree with pencil skirts, but it sure does like the skater variety.

Below are a list of ways to wear your basics

Here are a few outfit ideas to show how a basic item can go from casual to dressy without much effort.

Plain Tee

Black Dress