Sarah Neely

What to wear Under whites?

Sarah Neely
What to wear Under whites?

It’s a new year and of course we have exactly 8 months until Labor Day (but who follows the rules of not wearing white after Labor Day).  So let’s break out our white pants, shorts, skirts and dresses.  The only problem:  what to wear underneath.  It seems rational that if you want your underwear to not show through your pants, you should make them the same color.  That statement is not true, white underwear worn under white clothing just looks more opaque and therefore more invisible.  So, what should you wear instead?  The answer is simple; nude underwear.  Instead of standing out, nude underwear blends into your skin tone, effectively making it visible. Below listed is what not to wear with white bottoms and dresses as well as what to wear with them.

First, let’s go through what not to wear under white bottoms and dresses:

1.         White Underwear:  This seems like the best choice since they will coordinate with the color of your bottoms and dress you are wearing, but white under white actually looks really noticeable.  Please resist the urge for white on white (well of course if you are wearing a white blazer over a white shirt over a white skirt).

2.       Black underwear:  This seems very obvious also, and yet I still see people wearing black undies
with white bottoms.  Fashion no no!!!

3.       Thick underwear:  If you hate visible panty lines, wearing white bottoms and dresses over thick underwear is something you should avoid completely.  Who wants to see harsh lines in your white, let’s change those ladies?

What should you wear with your white bottoms and dresses?

1.        Nude underwear:  This is the best choice if you would like to keep your underwear under wraps.  Pick a pair that is very close to your skin tone so it will blend well.  It’s a common misconception of the fashion industry that there’s only one shade of “flesh tone” undies, but retailers like Nubian Skin (which sells over 20 shades of underwear) can help you find the perfect match.

Personally, I always go with a seamless full coverage underwear or caramel nude thong for my skirts, pair of pants or shorts that requires extra discreteness when it comes to undergarments.  That way, there aren’t any across the butt panty lines, nor is there that annoying squeezed look that comes from wearing a singular thin strap around my hips.

2.  Light Grey Underwear: This is a good alternate if you do not own any nude or flesh colored underwear.  This color can also work too.

 1.        Commando:   Lol yes you can do advocate for going underwear less.  I personally do this often because I hate panty lines period.  Some may be hesitant of doing this for believing a tampon can make your comfort level much better because it will prevent any unfortunate circumstances (menstrual cycles).  So if this is your thing and you are comfortable then go for it ladies.  

4.       Spanx:  If you really don’t mind how unpleasant these are to wear (because they are not for everyone), then these are another option.  You can avoid visible panty lines, keep your clothes from looking transparent, and bring in the areas to make you look slim then this is your go to look for whites. What is your favorite way to style white pants, shorts, or dresses?  Tell us if you have any excellent tips or tricks!

What is your favorite way to style white pants, shorts, or dresses?  Tell us if you have any excellent tips or tricks!