Sarah Neely

How to Style Clothes in Your Wardrobe?

Sarah Neely
How to Style Clothes in Your Wardrobe?

It’s very easy to get caught up on the latest trend or the season’s “IT” shoes.  To be honest style is really something that cannot be bought.  Yes we know fashion editors and “In Crew” has their share of chic gear, but the main reason why some celebrities or bloggers become icons and inspirations is because of how they put their whole look together. Remember at the end of the day, it’s not what you wear but how you style it.  My friends styling is free.

Keeping all of this in mind I narrowed a few looks down on ways to wear your clothes.  From tweaking your jacket or maybe cuffing your jeans in which details are a major impact on how your whole outfit looks.  Keep in mind these are not seasonal or just for the moment, these looks are timeless tricks that work again and again.  

1.        Roll Your Sleeves

Yes long sleeve tops are meant to be rolled.  A button down top can feel very stiff but rolling up the sleeves gives your look an easy nonchalance.  This is the easiest way to make you look a little cool in your most classic shirts.  

1.        Cuff Your Jeans

Sometimes our jeans can be a bit too long and cover the best part of our outfit, which are the shoes of course.  The best method to use to show off your nice shoes is to cuff them by rolling over instead of under the hem.  The result is cool and it makes your jeans look a little undone and of course perfect for showing off those nice heels.  

1.        Drape Your Jacket

Now this is a look that has been seen everywhere from celebrities to regular people on the street.  Nothing says “fashion” like a draped jacket over your shoulders.  You will save a ton of money because this look cost nothing and it makes your outfit look more expensive and chic.  

1.        Knot Your Top

We all want a small and defined waistline without having to accessorize with a belt.  Well the best trick to achieve this look is knotting your shirt right at the middle.  It gives more a creative finish than just tucking in your shirt and it also adds a playful touch to your look.  It also makes it easier for you to turn a dress into a skirt by adding the button down or a tee over the top half and tie it at the waist to create the illusion of separate bottom half.  

1.        Tuck Your Tops

Rather than tuck in the entire shirt, try half tucking your tops.  This looks gives a more casual, current vibe that turns even a jeans and t-shirt outfit into more of a statement.  You can use two methods either tuck half the shirt or the tuck the whole front and let the tail hang over your waistline.  

1.        Belt Your Look

You can use skinny belts to transform oversize shirts, tunics and yes blazers to fit your frame.  This will help define your shape and highlight your middle.  Not only that, the belt adds a more polish look to even your casual look.   

So ladies lets try these 6 tips and lets revamp your entire look to look expensive and chic.  These looks can be achieved with items in your wardrobe so you’re winning because you are not spending money.