Sarah Neely

Trends? Who Follows Them?

Sarah Neely
Trends?  Who Follows Them?

Of course, each new year brings new trends.  We can welcome them into the world and also leave a little behind.  You can see things that are coming back as well. Either we can stay in trend or set our own trends using what we have in our wardrobe as an alternative to save money. Below are a list of trends this season.  

We have stripes, which is like the equivalent to white t-shirts.  Like cats, it seems this trend has nine lives. You have seen this trend for a few seasons now so let’s get used to it again.  

Sneakers will also be big this season.  This trend is very versatile and can be worn in
various ways.  You can effortlessly dress them up which gives us every bit of a reason to purchase multiple pairs.

Anything artistically inspired is also a big trend this season.  From paternally prints, strong art references, or anything inspired by artist is definitely here to stay this season. 

Athletic inspired pieces will definitely turn your wardrobe around this spring as well.

The one shoe that is taking over this season is the mule.  Not just the pair your grandmother wore but the flat mule, the low blocked heel mule, sneaker mule and heeled mules in all fabrications and colors to include velvet, satin, and embroidery.  They were big in 2016 but will be even bigger this year. 

The activist chic is a big trend this year as well.  Let your shirts do the talking this year by wearing graphic t-shirts with a message that will speak loud and clear.

The big heavy totes are so out this year and the small handbags to carry your essentials like lip stick and of course your cell phone are back in.

It’s also time for a new shoe to take over your closet.  Yes we are referring to shoes with higher soles.  A dramatic heel is definitely a much needed breath of fresh air.  

Statement earrings are still going strong so we will keep them in for this year.  

The 80’s is back and I’m referring to broader shoulders and voluminous sleeves.  

The new leggings are a luxe statement this year so why not wear them under your dress with stilettos to heighten the look up.  

Last year was all about the blazer but this year it is all about the oversize blazer.  

After 2016 it is time to give the platform heel a rest and
look forward to the cone heel to be “It” shoe this year.  

Think of the windbreaker, yes the nylon is back in full affect this year.  It is the 2017 answer to the bomber jacket.

The acid floral is back as well.  Forget the regular print.  Do you dare to wear it head to toe?

Wide leg pants are definitely a must-have in your wardrobe.  We are going dramatic this

So clean out your closets and lets welcome the new trends for 2017.  It’s time to revamp your wardrobe and make a statement.  Don’t get left behind.  

As a single mother who can’t afford to purchase new things every time the season changes, I often use alternatives with what I have in my wardrobe to stay within trend.  Most of the new trends are basically updates or repeats from a few seasons ago.  I want people to know that I'm not always within trends so I recreate looks with what I already have in my wardrobe to be within trend or to set new trends.  You can always find alternative ways to by using leggings you have already have with a pair with a cute floral dress in your closet.  Or you may have a pair 3 inch heels you can use in the place of the mules.  You may also have a small clutch you may use on dressy occasions.  Use that clutch to wear with casual looks as well.  You may also have a dramatic top in which the sleeves may be long or the shoulder pads in your top is a bit heighten to give the broader shoulder look.  You can also get an oversize blazer at the thrift store a size or two too big and save a buck.  Finally you can use your graphic t-shirt you may not have worn in a while.  If you purchase anything, always get rid of two items from your wardrobe.  Either give it away or sell it to make money for what you lost in any purchases.  I’m always about saving a dollar because I know how hard it can be to stay within trend.  So let’s focus on saving and using what we have in our wardrobe and set our own trends.  

Are you following the trends this year?