Sarah Neely

Four Seasons Lookbook: Winter

Sarah Neely
Four Seasons Lookbook:  Winter

Layering? No I’m not referring to that double layer caramel cake you are about to indulge this thanksgiving. So of course we have discussed all three seasons thus far so now we are speeding up time and heading over to winter. Winter is all about layering and everything being oversized to include coats and scarves. We also know winter is filled with festive holiday occasions. So you may be thinking you need a big, heavy, puffy coat to stay warm and toasty though. Nooo!  During the winter you are usually indoors more so below I am going to show you how to layer up for comfortable, effective and stylish warmth.

Drape the shoulders 

Yes it's usually chilly outside but it's toasty inside. This problem can be easily solved by topping your outfit with a jacket draped over your shoulders. This is easily accessible to take on and off. 

Wear denim 

Denim is a universal item that is worn year round. It's basically the base of your wardrobe. You can choose any denim item whether it's a denim jacket or jeans that will make layering your favorite tops and accessories stylish. 


Fur has been big these past cooler seasons. Not to mention isn't going anywhere anytime soon. A new way to layer this winter is with a fur stole. Choose one that is vibrant for added interest to your ensemble. 

Choose one color  

Sometimes we are not sure where to start when it comes to dressing for the winter. You can start by choosing one color and just stick with it. A monochromatic ensemble will ensure a well put together, chic look. 

Belt it

Do you still want to show off your curves while layering?  Try cinching your ensemble with a belt or tying an oversized button down at your waist. This will help accentuate your figure under all of your layers. 

Add a turtleneck

Are you looking for a sleeker look this winter?  Add a turtleneck with your favorite pair of pants or skirt. Tuck your sweater inside a high waist pair or pleated skirt to accentuate your waist so you won't look grumpy. This will give you the sleek silhouette you are aiming for. 

As seen below I added an oversized coat sealed over my shoulders paired it with a cardigan and added the turtleneck to accentuate my waist and smooth everything out. 

Photographed by  Square Clouds

Photographed by Square Clouds

Photographed by  Square Clouds

Photographed by Square Clouds

Photographed by  Square Clouds

Photographed by Square Clouds

JACKET:  (Old, Missguided)

CARDIGAN:  (Sold Out, Zara)

TOP:  (Thrift Store)

SKIRT:  (Sold Out, Zara)

BOOTS:  (Sold Out, Zara)