Sarah Neely

Why is She Dressing Like That?

Sarah Neely
Why is She Dressing Like That?

This won’t make sense without the background story but one of the biggest mistakes I ever made in life was learning to dress to the satisfaction, comfort and likeness of others.  Ever since I dyed my hair red, I have been getting feedback both around the lines of ‘wow, that color looks good on you’ and ‘I wish I had the courage to do that!’. Honestly, at first I was still worried about my work environment and what my colleagues might say.  Nevertheless, after double checking to make sure that there was no Human Resources issue, it was time to deal with myself and stop worrying about what others might think.

The hair dyeing and wearing whatever you want goes hand in hand. If you truly want to wear something or make a change to your body, first write it down on a piece of paper and think ‘why’ you are not doing it. If it is something as simple as money then look for cheaper alternatives, or change the way you budget. Nevertheless, if it is work related, gather some courage and officially ask if this is an issue or any rules and guidelines. If this works, then the world is your oyster. 

The journey to being self confident and true to oneself is a long and tedious one that I am still on right now. As you may have noticed, in my very first outfit posts I look camera shy with very awkward positions (even now, but I hope less). If you look at my best outfit shots, you might think that I am a self confident person and all, but no. Even if I aim to always be on point, sometimes I just have days where I fail and simply go for leggings and a t-shirt. Even if I look put together that doesn’t mean my mood is, you feel me? Everyone has moments where they don’t feel at their best but can look like they are.

 Let's tackle the ‘what other people think’. Now, if the only obstacle to your happiness is this, then you will never be happy. No matter what you wear you cannot control what others think, there will be at least one person silently judging you. Even if you wear the lamest outfit, I guarantee that someone somewhere will be like ‘why is she dressing like THAT?’.  People insulting you because of what you wear can be very rare, and on the plus side, what are the chances of you ever seeing them again? Over thinking what strangers in the street might think of your outfit is not helping you, it's actually hurting you. Anyway, the others are thinking the same – so as we are all busy thinking what others think about us, might as well wear whatever we want, no?

Life is short and if you want to wear cute dresses and heels all the time – do it! If you are too scared to wear the things you love, by wearing boring clothes life is passing you by.  Think of the times you took a risk and wore a great outfit – did anything happen? Pretty sure not! So why not give it another chance? You will look back thinking ‘Damn, I looked great in that dress. So happy I did not go for jeans.

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BLAZER:  (Thrift Store)

SWIM BOTTOMS:  (Old, River Island)

BOOTS:  (Sold Out, Asos)