Sarah Neely

Be Proud of Yourself!

Sarah Neely
Be Proud of Yourself!

It’s time to take time to be proud of ourselves.  We always worry about other people being proud of us, whether it is at our jobs or as good parents.  No matter what the role, we want people to like us.  We want them to be proud of us.

But do we want that from ourselves?  

But do we want that for ourselves? If I’m not proud to know me, what difference do you think it will make whether you’re proud of me?  What if you switched your focus from worrying about losing weight, finding your career job, getting in a relationship, about doing all these things, into being proud of yourself in any given role or moment of your day?  Do you show up and do the work?  Do you get back on track when you got knocked off?
The feeling of pride comes because we have the resolve to keep going and keep working on the things that are important to us, because we are honest and truthful to who we are.  It’s only when we deviate from that, that we then lose that sense of pride.  When we are following somebody else’s agenda, or when we are worried about what everyone else thinks of us.  Most importantly, when we don’t live up to our fullest potential.  

Instead of it being all about these measurements and scale indicators and dictators, what if I’m proud of myself because I showed up today? I did the work at the gym, I applied for that job, I saved money, I stopped calling that guy, I ate healthy.  I put in everything I had in that moment.

I’m about to talk with my coaching clients, and I’m going to show up and be the best version of myself in that moment, and I’m proud of myself for that. I show up as the best mom as I can be in this moment, and I’m proud of that.

What if you focused on being proud of yourself in all aspects of your life? What if you really made a point to show up and be authentic to who you are and do what is in your heart and what is important to you? Then, when you look back at your life in a day or a week, you think, “Man, I am proud of myself. Look at what I’ve done.”

It’s not about being perfect. It’s not about achieving some crazy, lofty goal. It’s about, in that moment, doing what you can do and being proud of yourself for that.

I just wanted to share that with you because I think if we made that our mission, to be proud of ourselves in any given situation, I think it would really clarify and correct a lot of the things that we feel are out of order.

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