Sarah Neely

Men Just Stop!!

Sarah Neely
Men Just Stop!!

Some of us have habits that we just need to get rid of. We also have things we need to incorporate more into our lives but then again some people just don’t give a damn about shit. It is officially 2018 and these are some things we need to leave behind forever lol. 

We all have encountered some type of wack shit from guys and made you think like, did he just say or do that shit. Men I’m speaking on behalf of the ladies the stuff you should leave behind forever. 

1. Men stop thinking women have to change their physical features just to fill that void in your egotistical brain. 

2. Men we will forever not know what we want to eat. I understand you may know our favorite restaurants but we will never truly know what we have a taste for.

3. Men it’s not the 20’s anymore so stop thinking every woman should know to cook and will cook for your ass. Maybe she doesn’t like cooking or maybe she is just a beast at ordering takeout. 

4. Men, women love weave and makeup but doesn’t mean they are unhappy with their natural beauty. They may just love the convenience of it and how it makes them feel more beautiful. 

5. Men not every woman you will encounter will wear her natural hair so stop thinking that they should. 

6. Men stop dictating what a woman should wear. You are not her damn daddy. 

7. Men stop labeling women as “hoes” because she is wearing certain clothes that you feel isn’t “appropriate” to wear. She doesn’t wear the shit for your validation, ok!

8. Men if a woman wants to have sex with multiple men. That’s her damn business. You have sex with multiple women so stop contradicting yourselves thinking just because you are a “man” it somehow justifies your reasoning. 

9. Men stop thinking just because you consider her as a “hoe” that she’s incapable of getting a good man. At one point in time you were probably a “hoe” too and didn’t you get a good woman. 

10. Men stop approaching women with these wack ass dreams. You know you are struggling with insecurities and false hope. You know you don’t want a relationship and you know you are not ready to settle down but you want to put her through the hurt and pain by cheating and mentally/emotionally abusing her. Stop that shit because you know she doesn’t deserve it. 

11. Men stop approaching women with nothing to offer but dick and money. She already know if she is going to fuck you and there are women who know what type of men who has money and will spend that shit.  Stop that and just learn how to be yourself without adding monetary things. 

12. Men you will not please every woman the same so stop thinking that you are good at sex. I want to make sure I inform you that every woman doesn’t get pleasure the same. 

13. Men you have standards and so do women. 

14. Men stop using women to get on your feet. Do you ever wonder why shit doesn’t go your way?  Yes God knows your true intentions. 

15. Men yes women will fuck you and leave you.  You’re not the only ones who do that.

16. Men you have to bring more to the table then dick too. 

17. Men umm women are hustlers now so don’t for one second think that she needs your ass. 

18. Men if you know you are in a relationship, stop saying bullshit like I been wanting you and she ain’t who I want to be with. You can easily end something that you truly don’t won’t anymore so stop selling dreams. 

19. Men stop the bullshit. If she says she is in a relationship. Respect it and stop trying. 

20. Men if you are married take that shit serous and stop cheating!

21. Men a woman shouldn’t ask you for anything, you should offer no matter what. 

22. Men, women need more than $40 hell. 

23. Men you if you don’t have time for a relationship, don’t be doing shit that will make her want a relationship. (Then y’all want her to only talk to you). Noo!

24. Men, women can date more than one man at a time. That’s why It’s called dating. 

25. Men women don’t have to ask permission to wear or do things. You are not her daddy. 

26. Men if you can’t handle your woman working with men in her field then she is not the one for you. 

27. Men suck and lick the nipples, stop biting it hell. 

28. Men, yes women fake orgasms. 

29. Men follow your dreams. You don’t want to live with regrets. 

30. Men be respectful to your woman no matter what. 

31. Men support your woman’s dream. This is very important that you are her number one supporter. Get involved in what she is doing. Learn about her passion. Attend her events. Share her work. Just be her number 1 fan. 

These are a short analysis of things I have experienced with men and things I have seen women go through with men. You may agree or you may not. I’m only speaking on my experience and others. Let me know 

Photographed by Divian Conner

Photographed by Divian Conner

Photographed by Divian Conner

Photographed by Divian Conner

Photographed by Divian Conner

Photographed by Divian Conner

Photographed by Divian Conner


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