Sarah Neely

Dreams Do Come True

Sarah Neely

It's officially here everyone. The Naked Truth website has launched. October 1st was the first day we launched and I must say it was well worth the wait.  There are few changes I would like to make to the site but that’s going to happen over time. Not to mention the fact that I think one of the hardest parts of running a business is getting everyone on your team to be on the same accord.  Branding and promoting a company is not easy. Some people may feel like hey if I post a picture or two on social media, people will see the posts and instantly support but that’s not true. The majority of people are followers by nature, they’ll support things that are already popular or launched by celebrities.  If it's new they will use the ‘wait and see’ approach instead of jumping on the band wagon and supporting it off the top.  Nevertheless, in any business you have to train the people on your team how to be business-oriented and help them get out of that 9-5 mindset. I bet you are saying that's easy. No, it's not easy. Imagine waking up and only having to think and work your 9-5 and not having to worry about another business adventure you have and then all of suddenly you have another job that's the totally opposite of your 9-5 that you’ve did your entire life.  Yes, that can be hard because the tasks are totally different. You may not have a system to clock into or a manager in close proximity of you but you have to constantly check emails in which you may not be accustomed to. In addition, you must create content and catchy quotes to go along with the content and convince people to support a brand you haven't seen fully come off the ground yet. Yes, that can be very hard but you believe in them so much and you don't want to give up because with any job you have to train your employees to be better than you. So, if you are struggling with your team, just remember we all had to learn things along the way and find a system that works for each of us.  All in all Naked Truth is officially here. Shop today at

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