Sarah Neely

Naked Truth: Artist Takeover

Sarah Neely
Naked Truth:  Artist Takeover

Friday, we had talented dancer and choreographer Shaylin Mack take over Naked Truth instagram. We also had a chance to interview her as well. Please check it out below.

Name: Shaylin D. Mack

IG: lilithblack09

Hometown: Orlando, FL.

Naked Truth: How long have you been living your Naked Truth?

Shaylin:  All my life Ive always thought that I was special.

That there was something with me. Lol. My highest expressions always came through

performing. I'd say 20 years of performing.

Naked Truth:  What are your go-to accessories to complete your full look?

Shaylin:  Aw. Man. Itll have to be shea butter on my lips and hair with my cintrine and amethyst


Naked Truth: What are your must have beauty and make-up products?

Shaylin:  I dont wear make up on a day to day. Just shea butter on my lips skin and hair. Only for

fashion shows and high fashion photoshoots.

Naked Truth:  What is your current occupation and what are your career goals and aspirations?

Shaylin:  Im currently a recording artist and a model. Im a USAF veteran and a full time mommy

of 3.

Eye only aspire to be the highest me. Nothing more or less. Travel the world sharing

messages from the most deepest and darkest places. Shedding light is what Eye do.

My music is my therapy while it serves you. I aspire to share my art with those who

need it most! To inspire us to require a higher standard of being.

Naked Truth: What is a hobby or interest that people would be surprised to know you have?

Shaylin:  I have the ability to do anything that's in my heart and excel at it actually dominate it and

let it go like it never happened.

Im intrested in my darkest depths of my subconscious. Healing. Expressing. My intrest

lies in what lead me to you n where its takin my people and Eye at this time.

 I also make my own Breastmilk soap, toothpaste, and body butter for my family and


Naked Truth:   What quote or piece of advice do you live by?

Shaylin:   ”Carpe Diem”

“As above

So below.”

Naked Truth:  What message would you give to young aspiring dancers?

Shaylin: Know yourself. Believe that your words shape your reality.

Know that u are divine and in that alone u are already somebody! Dance to heal, dance

to be,

Dance is your power

Set your spirit free!