Sarah Neely

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him!

Sarah Neely
Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him!

People may feel like Valentine’s Day is solely for the women. Ummm it’s 2018 shit changed. Ladies don’t be like some of these bitter and selfish women out here. Get your man a gift if you want to. Creativity and love really make a difference when gifting your man. It's the time and attention you invest that makes the gift special and appreciated. It is quite normal to have trouble coming up with really unique gift ideas, especially if you're in a long-term relationship and you've ran out of fresh ideas. Then there's the situation when you've just met and Valentine’s Day is coming up but guess what, I’ve got some great ideas that will help you make Valentine’s Day perfect. 

Does your man go crazy for cars?  


You can find a nearby racetrack that offers exotic car rides; this is a gift he will always remember. His heart will be pounding so damn hard and blood will be racing with excitement. This can be an experience you both can share together riding together. 

Does he love outdoor adventures? 


You can really make his dreams come true by taking him on a wild ride overlooking his favorite city by hand-gliding. This is the perfect choice for the adventure of a lifetime. Give your man the ability to experience the world from another perspective; this will satisfy his cravings for new and fresh things for a while.

Has your man been preparing sweet dinners to please you throughout the years?


This is the perfect time for you to do the same thing. Surprise your man with a romantic candle light dinner on Valentine’s Day. Keep it private as much as possible so the two of you can converse freely. You can set it up at a location of your choice for example a backyard (if weather permits) or in a room filled with decorations. Your thoughts and effort of you planning and setting it all up will surely be rewarded with hugs, kisses and good loving (lol). Just always remember that majority of men prefer to receive priceless gifts. By considering this idea, you’ll not only make him happy on Valentine’s Day but it will also show how far you’ll go to express your love.

Does your man have a professional job?  Does your man has a dream to become an entrepreneur?

male suits.jpg

Yes it’s ok to invest in your man. Now I’m not saying invest in a man that doesn’t do shit for you. I’m referring to the one who goes over and beyond to make you happy no matter what. If your man is an engineer, buy him a safety hat or a scientific calculator with extra features that will be perfect for his profession. If he is a businessman, buy him a suit or suits which he can use during important meetings and formal occasions. These possibilities are only limited by your creativity. He will surely appreciate your Valentine’s Day gift which is useful in his every day activities. The secret is to find out which of the things he needs the most are either broken or missing. Don’t ask him since it might provide a clue. Research and keep it a secret so you’ll find him extra happy after being surprised about your timely and well thought of gifts. 

Have you talked about a certain place your man dreams to visit? 


Valentine’s Day might be a perfect chance to do it. Not only will it make the event more special but very memorable as well. Grant his wish and add up a few surprises along the way. Don’t bluntly say you’re going for a trip. Secretly pack things for the both of you and pretend that you forgot all about Valentine’s Day. On his special day drive for him and commence your plan. Your man will surely love the thrills and surprises that await him.

Has your man been collecting certain stuffs for years? 


Whether they are sports memorabilia or shoes, supporting him is a must as long as his hobby won’t cause him anything bad. Show your appreciation for his passion by adding a rare item to his collection. Searching for it won’t be easy but the effort, time, and money you’ll invest in the process are sure to be worthwhile as you see his smiles and hear words of gratitude.

There are two ways to look for rare collection items. First and the most common method, is visiting garage sales. Drive through several neighborhoods and look for stalls. You’ll surely find something worth buying for your man after a few hours. If you can’t afford to spend so much time searching, you have no better option left other than using the internet. Browse through e-bay and other online stores to search for collection items that can make your man extra happy during his special day.

Do you spend enough time with your man?


If you said no, then this is the perfect gift for your man. Skip work and be by his side all day. Pamper him like there’s no tomorrow and make your man feel how much you love him. Take him to get a massage and pedicure. Cook and drive for him if possible. With these small and sweet acts, his day will be extra special even without an actual gift. Spend the night making it all about him. Keep the moment simple but sweet. A bottle of wine will definitely complete the night. Don’t forget to say how much he means to you. Men admire women who are not shy to express their love in both words and actions. Treat him as your king and it won’t be a surprise if he treats you as his queen in return.

These are all thoughtful and inexpensive gifts because it all boils down to what you make of them. Now if you know you can’t afford to go all out or got bills (because we all have that shit) then don’t go broke because he will understand. He will love the fact that you listened to him and made this day all about him. Now if you can’t purchase a gift then pick one of the ideas above in which you made him feel special. Those usually are the most priceless gifts and most memorable. It’s always the thought that counts. 

Now for the females than man ain’t shit, don’t do any of this because his ass don’t deserve it. Stop going out of your way for a dude who wouldn’t put this much effort into you. You deserve better. You can get him that small box of heart shaped chocolate and them Valentine’s Day cards you get your kids to issue out at school to their classmates (that’s me being nice). 

I hope these gift ideas help you ladies out.