Sarah Neely

Success Doesn't Come Easy

Sarah Neely
Success Doesn't Come Easy

Do you ever sit back and just be like fuck this shit?!  No matter how many steps you take it seems like you can’t get ahead of the struggle because another problem comes out of nowhere. Or do you ever feel like giving up on something you truly believe in because you can’t seem to get one foot off of the ground?  Or do you feel like people aren’t supporting you like you expected or seeing your vision?  At one time or another we all go through this, at least I know I do. I be like damn is this truly something that God wants me to do? Am I rushing my success?  Why aren’t people seeing my hard work?  Do they even realize how big my dreams truly are?  Well to answer my own questions (yes I talk to myself quite often). Success doesn’t happen overnight. All of these success stories we see didn’t just happened over night. Of course I don’t see how successful people started from the bottom but just from looking at my situation I can imagine what they must have went through.  As a celebrity fashion stylist and blogger throughout the years I learned a lot about the business, people and most importantly myself. I learned that researching is very important. You have to study your craft, most importantly the areas that you are weak in. I’m a creator at heart so the business aspect I suck at tremendously. I can think of a creative concept but lack the knowledge on how to reach out to resources to help make my visions and projects a reality until I started studying. In this industry, I have also learned that people will listen to your ideas just so that they can use them as their own. I would think they wanted to be a part of my projects but in reality they were just seeking information. I learned that they will say they would love to collaborate with me and help bring my vision to life only to cancel at the last minute or never respond. In the beginning of my career I used to want to be a part of everything just to get my name out there. When in reality everything wasn’t meant for me to be a part of. Furthermore, I learned not to take advice from everyone because some people don’t have your best interest at heart and some will have you changing things about your vision just so it can fit theirs. Mostly I learned about myself, it’s ok to turn events down, it’s ok to say no to something I don’t agree with. It’s ok to not work with others who may not benefit from my brand. I learned to follow my first gut feeling about anyone or something I truly believe will work. I never want my success story to be based on anyone else’s story because I want to be able to speak my truth.  I want to be able to show and tell everyone what hard work I do behind the social media and scenes to get where I am today. My story will never be the same as any successor. I am Sarah Neely and I am going to tell y’all through my blog posts what I’m going through and how I got to where I will be soon. My story is still being written.