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The world is always evolving with different trends, but knowing what to wear for your body type can be a bit challenging.  Clothes are like a tool, basically it is used to create a look "you" love.  The main focus is to find and create a balance.  The question is "What is your body type?"


This body type is sometimes called "the pear" (which is a bad term and can lower your self-esteem), so we will stick with the term "Triangle" because if you think about shapes you will opt to find clothing and accessories that will flatter your figure.


•Your shoulders are narrower than the widest part of your hips.
•Your upper body more then likely be your greatest asset.
•You have more weight in the hip area.
•You may be a little self conscious of the hip and or bottom area.
•You focus on wearing more skirts and dresses.

Free Style Tips

•You should purchase clothing and accessories to bring more attention to your upper body which includes the  waist and shoulder.
•You should try wearing clothing that is fitted around the hip area that is made out of stretchy fabric. 
•You can purchase dresses or tops that has an empire waist (fitted bodice just below the bust) that will help define the narrowest part of your figure and float over hips.
•When you are shopping for pants, look for slacks that fit the hip area and also alter the waist band. 
•It is very important to make sure the details i.e.  pockets, patterns, and design elements are in areas other than your hips. 

Finding the right clothing and accessories

•When you are shopping search for clothing that i in a triangle shape.  Also while shopping for the perfect skirt and dress, try a classic A-line cut that falls softly over your curves and highlights your trim waist. Try your best to avoid high waists and pleated skirt, those are made for filling out figureless femmes.      
•When shopping for tops, look for shirts with ruffled or puffed sleeves, this will balance your shoulders and hips.  You can also try boat neck tops with horizontal stripes or cardigans with rosette detailing.
•When shopping for jewelry purchase statement necklaces that will draw the eye to your shoulder area and face.
•You can always pair patterned shirts with solid bottoms, this will all the attention to be on the narrowest part of your figure. 
•When you are shopping for pants and or denim, look for those items to extend at the bottom.  For example boot cut, wide leg, and trouser cuts, those are the simplest to wear.  Also the slight flare denims or pants help balance out your curves, especially if worn with heels to give your legs a little length.  Also look for dark, medium-rise jeans with simple stitching and pockets in the back.
•If you are interested in purchasing prints and patterns for your lower body, aim for darker colors.


This body shape is sometimes called the "Apple Shape" (which is a term we will not refer to in the Born Freely world).  We are about building self esteem and living positive.


•Your body tends to have really narrow wrists and ankles.
•Your best features on your body more than likely be your limbs (arms and legs).
•Your body type will tend to gain weight in your middle section.
•You also may be self conscious of your tummy area (but in Born Freely world we are happy with our body no matter shape you are)
•You also have a higher waist, the narrowest part of your torso tends to be right below your breast.


•When shopping purchase clothes and accessories that will bring attention to your wrist and ankles because they are two of your best features.
•Your garments that has ruching in the torso area will create a flattering definition for your figure.
•An empire waist garment that does to have pleats will define the narrowest part of your torso and will float over tummy area.
•You should always show off your shapely legs.
•When shopping for pants, look for stretchy fabric so the waistband feels comfortable, but the hip is narrow enough to work for you.


•If you will like to lengthen your upper body and make it appear slimmer, purchase long tunics that skim your torso. With this look, you should wear narrow pants like leggings or skinny jeans to show off your shapely legs.
•You should wear watches or bracelets to bring attention to your small wrists.
•If you are looking for a feminine way to bring attention to your legs and arms, purchase skirts and dresses.  When wearing dresses, you should draw angles and lines across your body with wrap dresses or asymmetrical hemlines. Always remember dresses that has ruching or gathering does the best job at hiding the tummy which creates an hourglass effect.
•Also purchase patterned tights to bring more attention to your sexy legs.  A slim, straight leg or boot cut is perfect for you paired with heels. This look  takes off a little weight and shows off your legs more.
•The perfect shoes to purchase will be ankle strap heels and or sandals.
•Your body is soft and round, so your goal is to add structure, especially on top. You should try wearing a structured jacket like a blazer. Draped fabrics, cowl necks and flutter sleeves are also another style you should look for in clothing to add a feminine flourish. If you feel like you need more support, you can layer with a dressy tank top that has a bit of lycra (fabric). 
•When you are ready to take a risk with fashion and to leave the solid family, prints and patterns always look good on you, especially your upper body. When shopping go for large floral or geometric prints to flatter your figure, but avoid small prints because it will not do the trick. Also Stick to weighty fabrics like heavy cotton or wool, because they have a more natural structure.


The Inverted Triangle Body Shape is also known has the hourglass body shape.  This shape is actually very common for women then what most women believe. 


•Women has the 'hour glass shape" usually have hips that are narrower than their shoulders.
•Your waist may go in slightly or may be a bit straighter, but the main defining feature of your shape is the different proportions of your shoulders and hips.
•Sometimes you are often well proportion to the rest of your figure.
•You also tend to be drawn to v-necklines.


•When shopping for clothes try to bring attention to your narrow hips.
•You should try keeping your clothes slim in the hip area to create definition and curve this will create visual balance in your shape.
•When wearing clothes that has details like ruffles, patterns, and other design elements are in any area other than your shoulders.
•When wearing bottoms, they will need to be cut straight, if there is room for hips cut into a garment you will find it gapes, and looks too big
•You should also purchase clothing shapes that create an inverted triangle shape comfortable for you.


•When shopping for pants, look for the more narrow style like skinny jeans.
•When you are shopping for skirts, the best skirt shape is the pencil skirt.  The reason why is because pencil skirts are the shape of an inverted triangle. 
•When you are shopping for tops, the v-necklines is the style to look in all shirts.  They visually narrow your shoulders for ex  collared shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, etc.  You should purchase simple, fuss-free tops that has a feminine flair, gently draped fabric or flutter sleeves that adds movement and softness.
•You can accessorize with belts to create a balance for your shape. 
•Your body type also looks good in leggings because it brings attention to narrow your hips or legs.  This look will work if you’re wearing a long top that is below your booty, but in general, you want to add volume to your lower half.  You want to amplify your lower half to match the fullness of your upper body. For this look you should purchase wide-leg pants or long skirts to create that balance. As a general rule, look for flowy, full-bodied pants and skirts that make your lower body look bigger (Its ok to look bigger).
•You should keep jewelry to a minimal on top, but you can get creative with bangles and rings to accessorize an outfit.
•When shopping choose light colors and prints that lies below the belt, and stick to darker colors on top for a more balanced look. Also, consider the size of your purse. A small purse will amplify your torso and carry larger purses at your side or in the bend of your arm to avoid adding volume on top.


The hourglass body shape is a combination shape, either you can think of your top half as an inverted and the bottom half as a triangle


•With this particular body shape, your shoulders and hips are the same width (in proportion to each other).
•Your waist is very defined.
•You favorite feature is showing off your tiny waist.
•You may or may not have a large bust.
•You tend to be attracted to clothing and accessories that are feminine, that emphasizes your womanly figure.


•You purchase clothing that comes in and defines waist to bring attention to your tiny waist.
•The best and easiest clothing to wear are dresses and skirts. 
•The fabrics that flow will be easiest for you to wear because they will drape nicely over your curvy figure.
•When you’re shopping for pants, look for a size that fits the widest part of your figure and ignore the gaping waist band.  You will likely need to alter every pair of pants you buy in order to get the waist to fit you properly.
•If you choose a sleeve length that ends the same distance down your arm as the smallest part of your waist, you will make yourself appear slimmer


•The best dress to purchase will be a wrap dress because it is the quintessential dress shape for an hourglass figure.
•Simplicity is key for you. You should look for clean, simple tops with scoop necklines and three-quarter sleeves to flatter the top portion of your figure.
•To accessorize your look, use a belt around your waist to bring attention to the tiniest part of your figure.
•A necklace can be a great way to bring attention to your décolletage and accentuate the beauty of your curvy figure.
•You should also avoid layering your clothes due to your physique. 
•You look best in princess seams which are long, shapely seams that gather in at the waist and flare out again at the hip which have a smooth, snug look and show off your contours.
•Fitted jackets look great on you but should be well tailored. You choose jackets that nip in at the waist and flair out like a peplum jacket.
•You look best in skirts that stop at or below the knee or A-line skirts. Pencil skirts look great on you, as do bootleg pants and skinny jeans.
•Always choose pants or skirts that follow your natural curve, and go for the fitted options (but not too tight). Your sexiness is to see your curves but not all of them.
•When it comes to colors keep it simple and solid, because prints can disguise your figure rather than highlight it, but monochromatic outfits does look best on your body type. This same rule goes for fabrics, try to avoid extra fabric and draping and opt for a bit of stretch.


The "Standard Body Shape" is also known as the ruler body shape.  Although standard is not a shape, most women like to think to of themselves as standard or average. 


•You have shoulders and hips that are the same width.
•You have a waist that comes in slightly but is not as defined as the hourglass, and often feel like you have an “average” body shape with no extremes
•You tend to gain weight evenly all over your body.
•You sometimes have a hard time defining your style because many clothes look good on you, so it can feel like you have more options.


•You will feel comfortable in form-fitting clothes which does not mean tight.
•When shopping for your body type, you should think about your personality because something's may look good on your figure but doesn't need to be in your closet.
•You should pay attention to the clothes that you are wearing are not throwing your proportions off and changing your shape into one you don’t want.
•Your body will look slimmest when you choose pieces that bring attention to, and define, your waist
•Going to the extreme is not your thing, so don’t feel like you need to wear any trendy pieces that don’t feel like you.


•Your key piece of clothing is the classic white collared shirt.
•When you purchase denim, straight-leg jeans will be the easiest for you to wear, although depending on your personality you may choose to go for a skinny or boot-cut jean, which look great too.
•You should look for clothes that are already balanced for example a shift dress, which is the easiest piece for you to wear, it draws angles and lines across your body.
•To accessorize your look, you should wear a belt around your waist to create a curvier shape.
•Adding a blazer , with a slightly defined waist, will be an awesome piece for you to have in your closet to pair with jeans, and create a fabulous casual chic look.
•When choosing a shirt, complement your natural lines with asymmetrical or rounded hemlines, and ruffle details. Halters look great on you, as do boat necks and off-the-shoulder shirts. Since your body is naturally athletic, you’ll look more feminine in tank tops with a thin, delicate strap.
•When you are shopping for jackets and blazers, look for soft shoulders and steer clear of boxy, cropped jackets.
•When shopping for bottoms, high-waist pants and wide leg trousers are the most flattering on your body type. They both add curves and volume to your lower body. If you want to embrace a more masculine shape, you should wear a pair of boyfriend jeans, adding drape and movement on top.
•You should opt for lace, silk or lightweight fabrics, especially ones with natural draping. Embellished shirts and ruffle details add softness and give your body a bit more body.