Sarah Neely


Sarah Neely

Aside from diamonds, we all know shoes are a woman's best friend. The right pair of shoes can make all the difference when it comes to completing your look. I don't care what your wardrobe may costs, if you pair it with quality shoes, everything looks high quality. Ask any girl if she can trim down her shoe collection to just a few pairs, and she will freak out. However, one can own as much as a thousand pairs of shoes in her closet but still remain unsatisfied if she doesn’t have the essentials. No, this post isn’t about how many shoes you should own; it’s about what shoe styles you should always have on your shoe rack at any given moment; no matter how young, old, extravagant, or frugal you are. Basically as long as the clothes fit well, hair and make-up is done, the shoes can really take your entire look to the next level.

I have narrowed down the essentials to a realistic number that won’t get any backlash from my shoe lovers. I know you can’t settle with just 5 pairs or be content with 10. So, I recommend 15 shoe styles to collect. This is a relatively small number, but I guarantee that these basics will get you through all four seasons and help you look fashionable. Try to keep this list in mind, and compare it with what you have.


Most people probably feel like they cannot wear flats or they are soo outdated. I actually never met a girl who does not own a pair of ballet flats. These are the go-tO shoes and most popular choice. They are comfortable and feminine while giving that too-cool-to-dress-up vibe. These shoes should be on heavy rotation in your closet, I'm not saying they are easy-to-wear but they go well with your everyday wear. They are very versatile ballet for many women lifestyle, work, play, errands, weekend, casual, etc so I think you may want to invest a quality pair (Tory Burch, etc). To be honest, the price will be worth it because they will last. So when you think, I can't spend that much for a pair of flats, remember "Cost Per Wear."

2. Pointy Flats

Pointy flats are really comfortable like your ballet flats. To top it off, they’re more feminine and a lot dressier, and they give your look a more polished and sophisticated feel. Because of the silhouette, pointy flats are also more flattering to wear. If you’re petite, these shoes are a must. And if you want to take it a little further, pick a pair that comes in a neutral color close to your skin tone. This will make your legs look longer.


Flat leather sandals are perfect and must-have for spring and summer to wear with skinny jeans, summer dresses, or short shorts. These sandals are meant for days when you decide to lose track of time, when you feeling casual and want to take a trip to the mall or resort. When shopping for this style, you should go with strappy sandals in tan, taupe, or brown.



The workhorse of all workhorses, basic (but sexy!) black pumps will take you from the office to dinner and back again. They are the universe of shoes that can be worn with almost anything. They are a must for any girl, no matter the age. You can wear them with dresses, jeans, shorts and practically anything in your closet. You will need them for any occasion for example graduation, work, party, or any event. A black pump is perfect for work with a wrap dress, suit or trousers, or jeans. Pointed toes tend to elongate your leg, but either will do the job depends on your outfit. The open toe also elongates your leg and can be worn with almost anything. Nine west offers classic styles at very reasonable prices, but if you're able to invest in a pair of designers by all means you must add them to your wardrobe.


It's a wardrobe staple. If you don't have a pair of these, then you probably should. Nude heels are up there with black pumps for versatility. Nude heels are a girl’s best friend. They elongate your legs, and they go with just about anything in your closet. You don’t have to have the most expensive pair; just grab the ones that are tall but comfortable enough to walk around in. Trust me, you’ll be putting those nude heels in heavy rotation all year round. The best style is to go with peep-toes or classic pumps with this particular shoe must have. I know you are wandering what makes nude heels a must-have for every woman? It starts with the color, the perfect shade of creamy-blush-beige that's universally flattering. Then it's the shape, an almond-shaped round toe, open toe, or pointy. The 4.5-inch height is classic, comfortable and slimming because it is a treasure to be had. A treasure to be had. Whether with jeans, a dress of any color, or an outfit of any color, this is the pump you want to make sure you have in your closet.


We all have seen how animal prints, whether it's snake, leopard, or cheetah print, become a perennial classic in fashion. So don't hide, its not a fad anymore. To be honest, you can sport animal print anytime of the year. When it comes to shoes, a pair of bold animal-print heels is a must in your closet. It will give the simplest outfit a huge dose of drama.



You’ll need a pair of these shoes for your jeans, shorts, and any major carpet event. They’re timeless and they’re infinitely sexy. This shoe will be your go-to for almost any occasion. If you need any tips on how to wear them, check out your favorite celebrity and see how she pairs her shoe with her wardrobe.


Fancy statement heels that turn heads and take the spotlight are necessary for special occasions that require you to dress to the nines. I am referring to any formal event. The great thing about these shoes is that you can also use them to dress up casual pieces like jeans. It's best to go with classic gold or silver hues that are versatile. You should always pick a pair that will complement that cocktail dress in your closet.


I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t have good pair of ankle boots in her closet. These are the most reliable shoe of all times, especially when you want to look edgy and cool. You should always pick a pair that flatters your legs and feels comfortable on your feet. I suggest you grab boots in classic or neutral hues like black or brown. Keep in mind ankle boots go with just about any outfit, whether it’s a dress or jeans, and this is the main reason why you must own at least a pair.


Yes, even if you’re a 60-year-old grandmorth, trust me when I say you’re bound to need a pair of sneakers, whether for completing a certain look, for traveling, or for running errands. The most popular choice for most people are Converse Chuck Taylor kicks. The silhouette of this shoes is feminine and flattering.


Do I need to mention why you need a wedge sandal? Wedge sandals are great with day dresses, shorts, skirts, and maxi frocks. They’re also necessary for beach parties, because heels dig into the sand and wedges don’t. It's best to choose a wedge sandal in neutral colors so you can pair them with various outfits.


No matter if it's heeled or flat, tall boots are necessary for your wardrobe, especially once the cold seasons set in. While they’re not as versatile as ankle boots, you will need a pair to keep your legs warm. Besides, tall boots are sexy, whether you wear them with jeans or short skirts. If you want to make sure you get a lot of mileage out of them, it's best to get them in classic black or brown.


Oxfords has something about it's men-inspired shoe that makes them essential. Oxfords give your outfit a laid-back vibe that is unique and irreplaceable. If you wear them with feminine pieces, they will make you look infinitely chic.


Like the oxfords, open-toe booties give your look a certain oomph that’s both sexy and edgy. Truth be told, I never thought these shoes would turn into a classic. Nowadays, however, they’re the perfect alternative to heeled ankle boots. And just like the original closed toe bootie, you can wear them with almost anything as long as they come in a wearable and versatile color.

15. All-Weather Boots

Do I need to explain why you need a pair of all-weather boots? These boots are necessary for wet days. But just because the weather isn’t cooperating doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable in your rain gear. If you want waterproof boots, grab ones that are just as sleek and sophisticated as your are.