Sarah Neely


Sarah Neely

Statement necklaces have been a huge trend centuries and does not see like they are going anywhere any time soon. The right statement necklace can bring any outfit to the next level. A really glam necklace can transform a plain outfit into something special, and a large necklace might be the only accessory you need with a certain dress.

My personal favorite way to wear statement necklaces is to pair them with something that is boring or plain like a dress or t-shirt and jeans. Statement necklaces are an easy way to dress up simple looks and can be worn in so many different ways. Sometimes they can make a statement which can sometimes feel a little intimidating. I have come up with a style tips to give you new ideas or inspiration to come up with your own awesome outfit. Here are 24 style tips on how to wear statement necklaces:

Rules and Guidelines for Styling statement necklaces

1. Dress up a chambray shirt by pairing with a sparkly necklace.

2. Pair a bold necklace with a bold print, but keep in mind to keep the rest of your outfit is the key.

3. Add a large statement necklace or a bright color necklace to a little black dress (LBD).

4. Pair a sparkly necklace with a basic t-shirt.

5. If you are wearing denim, brighten the look with a neon necklace.

6. Pair a glam, sparkly statement necklace with a casual graphic tee to make the look more dressy.

7. If you want to make boyfriend jeans look sexy, add a bold statement necklace and heels.

8. Try matching the color of your necklace to one of the colors in your outfit.

9. Break up an all-black ensemble by adding a large statement necklace.

10. Statement necklaces looks best when it is styled with a simple outfit. For example, when you want to wear your little black dress, style it with various statement necklaces to add a trendy twist to this old classic look.

11. Layer two necklaces for a bigger statement and unique look because it instantly transforms the look giving it the perfect finishing touch.

12. When wearing a white dress, wear a long, large necklace to make the look more fun.

13. Use this chart to learn which kind of necklace goes best with what kind of neckline.

14. Wear a bib necklace over a high t-shirt so that it almost looks like part of your top.

15. For a classic look, wear a striped shirt with a large necklace.

16. A statement necklace over a buttoned-up collared shirt looks fresh and trendy. Here’s how to do it:

17. The only thing you need to accessorize with is a great necklace when wearing a maxi dress.

18. Wear a super long necklace with a button-down shirt for a fresh vibe.

19. If you are wearing a statement necklace, keep the rest of your jewelry simple, especially your earrings. The reason is so that you do not look like a little girl who was playing in her mom's jewelry box. By keeping your jewelry simple, you are letting the statement pieces speak for themselves.

20. If you are a woman with a larger bust, it is very important to opt for shorter necklaces that does not lie directly on your chest.

21. If you will like to wear bright colored necklaces, think of the colors that you wear the most frequently and purchase a necklace that will compliment your existing wardrobe.

22. If you will like to keep your oversized necklaces from tangling, bending, or breaking, store them on a hangers. This will keep your necklaces from sliding and clumping together.

23. It is best to keep your outfit simple and avoid crazy prints in order let your statement piece speak for itself.

24. If you are afraid to pair color with color, you should aim for metallic. It does not matter if you are a silver or gold girl, there a numerous statement necklaces to give you the metallic feel and is guaranteed to match every piece in your wardrobe. You can throw the statement necklace under your collar of your button down top to add fashion to your tops.